A mother is the most beautiful creation of God and a mother-child relationship is the most trusted one. Only a mother knows what is best for her child and leaves no stone unturned to provide every comfort to the child and raise her child in the best possible way. We come across a lot of moms on the daily basis and their unique characteristics sometimes amaze us and sometimes leave a smile on our face. Presented below are some types of moms that we meet daily. I bet you all would relate to at least some of the categories if not all.

The Cleanliness Freak Mom


This mom is so obsessed with her cleanliness that she finds every place dirty for her tender child. She doesn’t want her child to touch anything outside the house and you will find her wiping off every bench her child sits on. I have seen some such moms literally cleaning the swings before making their child sit on that. I am sure this mom would get a semi-heart attack if she finds her child rolling on the grass or playing in the soil.

The Healthy Food Mom


This mom wants only the healthy food for her child and you will never see any junk food or sweets in her house. She is so particular about giving the healthy food to her child that the family members also have to sacrifice their sweet tooth or spice cravings. But she doesn’t mind and keeps on cooking only the healthy food and feeding only fruits at the snack time.

The Overprotective Mom


This mom cannot trust anybody but only herself for her child. She has to accompany the child everywhere and sits outside when her child goes to the extra classes or some hobby classes. Given a chance, she can accompany the child even to the school.

The All Study No Play Mom


This mom believes only in the good grades and thinks that study is the only activity that a child should indulge in. She hardly allows her child to go out to play and the tuition classes are the only place where her child goes after the school. She is so obsessed with the studies that most of the toys you will find in her house are educational toys.

The Always Feeding Mom


This mom is never satisfied with the food intake of her child and always finds her child to be hungry. You will always find some sort of snack or juice in her hand and be chasing the child in the garden. The child has to come every 5 minutes to take a bite of the food his/her mom is carrying even when he/she is playing.

The Complaining Mom


This mom is never satisfied with her child no matter how good her child does in the studies or the extracurricular activities. She always has higher expectations from her child and you will always find her talking on the phone or with neighbors and complaining about her child. She does not even believe the teacher if he/she declares the child to be amazing in the class.

The Social Media Mom


This mom has to put up everything about her child on the social media. Be it joining some new class, buying some new game or achieving good grades in the class, everything has to be showcased. He social media account is full of the photos of her child and she even loves to keep her child’s photo as her display pictures everywhere.

The Comparison Mom


Apart from her own child, this mom is interested in the grades and the achievements of every other child in the class or the neighborhood. She has the list of all the extra classes her child’s friends are going to. You can find her peeping into the report cards of the other children and then compare the grades.

The control Freak Mom


This mom has to know about the whereabouts of her child every now and then. Her child cannot think of touching the remote or phone or stepping out of the house without informing her. She follows a particular timetable and cannot grant even a single minute extra than the time assigned for some particular activity. The child cannot be spared even if this mom is a working mom as she has to call every half an hour to the caretaker of the child to know about his/her activities.

The Fashionista Mom


This mom loves not only to dress up but also dressing up her child. You will always find her child party ready even if he is going to play in the park. Her child’s cupboard is always full of new branded clothes and shoes.

The Gossip Lover Mom


You will generally find this mom in some group or the other as she loves gossipping. The moment she enters a party or a park, she leaves the child on his own and joins her gossip club. Her child also knows her nature well and does not dare to disturb his mom when she is in the middle of some Important Discussion.

The Extra Activities Mom


This mom wants her child to be best in everything. She wants a player, a dancer, a musician and a painter, all from a single child. Her child’s day starts early in the morning at ends only in the night. In this competitive world, she doesn’t want her child to be left behind in any activity and therefore makes her child every other extra activity class she comes across.

The Care-free Mom


For children, this is the most adorable type of mom. She doesn’t care much and lets her child do whatever he/she wants. She is quite flexible in her routine and always make her child study or play according to his/her moods. She has no rule book and not a ‘to do’ list. She doesn’t set the menu and cooks whatever her child wants. She likes to set her child free. However, this type is very hard to find and I am surely not this type.

This piece has been written in a light mood and not to offend anybody. I am not judging the moms out there and only trying to take out the fun elements of our personalities. I myself belong to many of the above categories and I am sure all moms out there would relate to some of the types. So, don’t shy away and let us know which type you are and also if you know some other type of moms.

Which type of mom you think you are?

What is your take on this?

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