Being working parents, we always find it difficult to take out time from our busy schedule to spend that with our kids. This leads to their unnecessary involvement with the TV or Mobile phones. The gadgets no doubt are a part of today’s modern education but the too much of everything is bad. The kids starting from the age of 2 have their lists of favorite cartoons and they want to be them always, whether on mobile or TV. The scenario needs to be changed and the parents should give a little extra time to their children rather than conveniently handing over the gadget to them so that they do not disturb them. There are many ways by which you can spend a little more time with your little ones without hampering your schedule too much.

Involve the Kid in the daily chores


This may sound somewhat weird but I myself have applied this and the results are really good. You can your kids to come with you and help to put the laundry in the washing machine or pass your clothes when you are folding them. You can also ask for their help in the kitchen to pass on fruits or vegetables. They will feel involved and the feeling of doing something on their own will make them feel independent.

Read a book


Reading the bedtime stories is always an excellent idea to spend quality time with the kids. Even if your child is just learning the alphabets, you can read a storybook for them before their sleep time. This will also help them to sleep peacefully. You can also hand over the book to them to read the same for you. They may not recognize all the alphabets but this will definitely inculcate the reading habit in them and will be helpful for future.

Join hobby classes


For working parents, it is difficult to take out time for hobby classes on a daily basis, but they can manage that on the weekends. You can join some dance class or music classes with your kids according to their interests. This will also help you to enhance their talents and will also give you some time to spend with your little one. This way you yourself will also get a break from your busy schedule.



If you have a hobby of gardening and you are busy taking care of your plants on the weekend mornings, you can involve your kids too. They will feel involved and this will boost the mood of the whole family. While doing this, you can also teach your kids to always take care of mother nature and not to harm any plant.

Grocery shopping


Rather than leaving your child back home with the other family members or wait for them to go to school, you can take them along for your grocery shopping. Though this may take about 10-15 minutes more in the store, you will surely enjoy the company of your little ones.

Take a walk


You can take an evening walk with your kids for 10-15 minutes if not more than that. You can ask about their day at school or at home. You can talk to them about their friends and teachers. You can also share with them what you did the whole day. Thay may not understand all the things but will feel important that you are sharing your experiences with them. This will also have health benefits for you as well as your kids and you can spy on their daily activities without bothering them;)

Help with homework


For working parents, it is not possible to entirely take the responsibility of the studies of the child on the daily basis and therefore they take help from outside, which is fair enough. However, on the weekends, you can ask them to bring their books to you and discuss what all they did during the entire week. On weekends, you can also take time to help them in completing their projects or assignments. This way, you will get to know how your kids are doing in studies and they will keep in mind that you have all the information regarding their studies and will not try to mess with that.


I know it is not possible for working parents to follow the entire list daily but you can try alternate things according to your schedule. Keep your children away from your office work and tension. Make sure even if you are super busy during the weekdays, you compensate for that on the weekends. The best way to spend time with the kids is to involve them in your life as maximum as possible. If your kids are totally involved with you, they will feel secure and independent in return.

For Readers

  • How do you get involved with your kids?
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