India has imposed Lockdown for 21 days. This period is quite long and can be very overwhelming. For all our lives we have longed for free time and being at home. However, everything looks different when it is forced upon. You are staying at home but cannot go out as usual. Moreover, there is the constant fear of getting ill. We just not have to stay at home but also have to save ourselves from this deadly virus. So, if you don’t want to lose your sanity and remain calm, I have some suggestions. Following which you can keep yourself busy and divert your mind.

Meditation: Since you don’t have to travel for long hours to reach your office, you can utilise this time for meditation. This will keep your mind calm for the entire long day ahead. Indulge yourself in positive thoughts and keep thinking that this period would get over soon. 

Workout: Doctors are saying that we need a stronger immunity if we want to keep ourself away from illness. Also, we cannot go outside and we are walking lesser, it becomes essential to workout to stay healthy at this time of quarantine. You can also encourage your kids for this, as it is helpful for all. 

Binge watch series: This is the time when you have plenty of time and instead of thinking what will happen next, you can binge watch your favourite series. You can also try watching the series and movies which are not of your interest, and this way you will have more options. 

Socialising amidst social distancing: No, I am not encouraging you to go out can meet your friends. But you can connect with your long lost school or college friends whom, usually, you don’t get time to talk to. You can also connect with your distant relatives, specially the older ones via video calls. I am sure they will like that and you will also feel better.

Brushing up cooking skills: In India, we are so much dependent on the house helps. Some people also have helps for cooking. But now when there are no helps around, you have to do all the chores yourself. This is the time to explore your inner chef and try on new dishes. This will make you self dependent for the entire life and you will not panic in future when your house help takes an off. 

Extra Cleaning: You can consume your extra time and remain busy by doing some extra cleaning, like the cleaning of cupboards and kitchen. You can also change the set-up of your house to bring some change in routine and add some positivity. 

Learn new things: In this time of self isolation, you are blessed that you have the complete access of the internet and you should make the most of it. You can learn new things which you always wanted to but could not due to workload. Learning a new language, for example, is very useful and would make you more confident at your workplace as well. You can also improve your dancing skills to kill the next office party. 

Reading: Scrolling down your phone’s screen at night would only bring negativity in your mind and would result in a disturbed sleep. Instead, you can develop the habit of reading according to your interests. You can also read stories to your kids and spend some good family time. 

Bringing out Hobbies: If you have some hidden talent and you have always longed for doing some artwork or paint work, this is the time to brush up your skills. You can also teach your kids the same and indulge them also in something useful. 

So guys, you can do anything and everything in this time of self isolation, but only while staying at home. I request you all not to lose your patience and be hopeful all the time. Make beautiful memories with your family. Please don’t step out of the house unless it is very necessary. Be at home, be safe, be happy.

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